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Kitty Klinic

We are passionate about providing the best experience possible for the Kitty Kats who come to visit RivaPetz Pet Care. We appreciate that it is very stressful for cats to share the waiting room with big, bouncy, noisy dogs.

We often find that by the time cats get to the consulting room they are already very stressed - they have been shoved in a cat carrier, put in the car and then forced to sit next to a dog!

In an attempt to make veterinary visits more relaxing and less stressful for our feline patients, we now have a dedicated Kitty Klinic with Dr Carolyn.

If you think that this would make visiting the vet more relaxing for your cat, please call and make an appointment for our Kitty Klinic on Thursday morning.

Why a Kitty Klinic?

By creating a feline friendly environment we believe that we can:

  • Reduce the fear and anxiety that our feline patients suffer when visiting.
  • Provide better lifelong healthcare for our feline patients.
  • Provide a more relaxing experience for family members and reduce anxiety levels.
  • Reduce the injuries that our feline patients inflict on their family members and healthcare team when they are distressed.



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