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Trusting the RivaPetz team to look after your dog or cat's grooming and coat care needs means that you have the peace of mind that your pet is being groomed in a professional environment with qualified Veterinary Surgeons and experienced Nursing staff available at all times.

One of our Veterinary Surgeons will perform a dental check, ear examination and weight assessment as part of the Grooming Service that we provide. The Nursing staff will communicate with you the results of these examinations and speak with you about any treatment or management recommendations that we feel would benefit your pet and it's long term health and well being.

We appreciate that many dogs and cats find grooming a very stressful experience and we have the benefit of being able to administer sedation to those animals that are frightened, stressed or difficult to handle. We are ever mindful of the well-being of our patients and providing them with positive experiences.

Clipping and grooming dogs and cats in the Riverland also provides benefits with regard to disease prevention. Barley Grass Seeds cause significant problems for our pets every Spring and Summer. Clipping feet short - particularly between the toes and around the pads is an excellent preventative measure, as is clipping long hair around the ears. Clipping and coat management is also important in preventing Pyotraumatic Dermatitis - a nasty skin infection which is a common problem for Riverland dogs during Summer.

Many dogs and cats that live in the Riverland have very thick coats and undercoats - great during Winter, but a significant cause of discomfort and Heat Stroke during Summer. Grooming and Coat Care not only means that your pet will look their best - they will also feel their best.



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