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Boarding Cattery

Chateau de Cat, the Riverland's premium cat holiday accommodation, is housed in a fully air-conditioned, purpose built facility at RivaPetz Pet Care. The boarding cattery provides holiday accommodation for up to 10 cats in individual cat shacks, with access to an outside cat play area. The reverse-cycle air-conditioning ensures that the cats are kept cool in summer, and toasty warm in winter, providing the best care possible for your cat while you enjoy your holiday.

The outside play area incorporates large, gnarled grape vines for climbing and clawing, high shelves for spying, moss rocks for sunning, and cane furniture for just sitting around looking beautiful. All important daily activities for the upwardly mobile Riverland cat.

To ensure the health and well being of all cats staying in our cattery, we insist that vaccinations (Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu) are current. If your cat has not been vaccinated by our veterinary practice, we must sight proof of vaccination prior to providing holiday accommodation for your friend.

In addition to being fully vaccinated, we require that all cats are treated with Advocate or Revolution at the time of admission to ensure our cattery is free of fleas, worms, and eat mites - once again essential for the health and well being of all of our holiday residents.

The cattery is completely separate from our veterinary clinic and hospital facilities, ensuring that boarding cats are not in contact or exposed to unwell cats in hospital.

A comfortable home away from home... Bedding, litter trays, cat bowls and food are provided in a friendly and safe environment. You may bring in your cats favourite bedding and toys. It is a great idea to label everything that you bring in, and we do ask that you only bring the essentials!

Continued high quality of care...If your cat is on medication we will continue treatment as instructed. Make sure you bring your cats medication when you drop him/her off.

Feeding twice a day... We feed all cats morning and night as per your instructions.
Premium Cat Food... Cats are fed Hills premium feline diets while on their holiday. If your cat is on a prescription diet, or food different to what we feed, please bring their food with them on admission.

Peace of mind... If your cat falls ill while you are away, you have complete peace of mind that he/she will receive the best of care while you are away. Our healthcare team including qualified veterinary nurses and veterinarians are always close at hand.

Just like they are our own... our cattery carers are passionate about felines. You can be assured your friend will receive plenty of attention and cuddles during their vacation





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RivaPetz Pet Care & Chateau de Cat
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