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It is always wonderful to share a "good news" story with our friends. Snowy is a young Australian Cattle dog who was rescued back in early March. When he came to RivaPetz for a weigh-in he was only 8.45kg and fully grown - needless to say he was in a really bad way and needed lots of special care and attention.

In addition to feeding him really well, his new family also made sure he was up to date with his vaccinations, worming and heartworm prevention. He also had some blood taken to make sure that his poor body con-dition was only due to a lack of food, not an underlying medical problem.

He was back visiting RivaPetz a few weeks ago when he had his castration surgery. His surgery was a little more complicated than normal, because his left testicle was in his groin rather than this scrotum. He is so fortunate to have a loving family to look after him - he now weighs 14.7kg and looks amazing.


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