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Raffael is a lovely young cat who has had a very serious problem… he presented with a full bladder that he could not empty. Sadly, this is not an uncommon problem in male cats, because the urethra that emptied urine from the bladder is very narrow. As you can imagine, a blockage can be quite uncomfortable, and can quickly progress to life-threatening complications.

When Raffael first presented, he was ‘quite uncomfortable’… he would not move his legs and sat like a frog, confusing the whole picture. Fortunately, a blood test showed that his kidneys weren’t yet suffering (a common complication), and an x-ray showed that his spine and legs appeared to be healthy.

He was given a short anaesthetic and a urinary catheter was placed to unblock the urethra and allow the bladder to be emptied. The catheter was stitched in place so that he would not get another blockage straight away. You could tell he was feeling much more comfortable straight away. He promptly fell asleep!!


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