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Hachi's thicken coat has made it challenging to handle the Riverland heat this summer. He has been having hotspots (Pyotraumatic Dermatitis) every now and then throughout the year, but now that Summer is here the hotspots have become unbearable.

To help resolve the problem Hachi was admitted to hospital for a full body clip (Something had to be done to combat Hachi's problem once and for all - by having his thick coat off completely!)

We were very surprised by the state of Hachi's skin underneath all the fur - there were hotspots almost everywhere - on his tail, legs, back and chest. As he was clipped, all the hotspots were cleaned and scrubbed thoroughly with diluted anti-septic solution to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria on the skin surface.

Hachi was then set home with medication, shampoo and cream to help the hotspots heal. Even though he looked completely different, Hachi was feeling much cooler and more comfortable without his coat. He is now also on flea prevention, which is very a important part in preventing further occurrence of hotspots.

Hachi will definitely be keeping his cool this summer!


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