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Play it safe this summer

We all love playing "fetch" with our dogs at the park or beach, but sticks have the penetrating properties of an arrow and can be lethal. Stick related injuries can range from minor scratches to impalement. Sticks can easily pierce the skin and when grabbed by the dog, they can potentially penetrate all the way through to the oesophagus or major blood vessels in the neck.

Kong have just released a really funky "SAFESTIX" which is a much safer option for your fun in the sun this summer, and we have them in stock at the clinic.

This summer, to keep your dog safe and reduce the risk of stick related injuries, be prepared:

  • Have a number of safe toys that your dog likes to fetch at the ready
  • Keep a toy in the car or next to your dog's lead so you don't leave home without a toy
  • Inspect toys regularly for wear and tear - replace them if there is any sign of damage
  • Remember to "stick" to throwing dog toys, not sticks!

After all, you wouldn't shoot an arrow at your dog, so why would you throw a stick?



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