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Prescription Medication

How YOU can make sure your pet responds well to medication...

With your good care, our treatment recommendations and the prescribed medication, we are working to restore your pet's health. For the best outcome, we follow pharmaceutical manufacturers' recommendations and guidelines for each of the medications we prescribe. And, because we know your pet's medical history better than anyone, you can trust us to provide safe medications that ensure your pet's well-being.

In human medicine, medications play an important role in health care, as long as the correct dose is given and side effects are carefully monitored by a physician.

The same is true for animals. We want to make sure your pet's prescribed medication is truly helping—not causing any side effects. That's why we recommend testing.

Hidden Health Problems in Dogs

We believe in early detection which therefore reduces the risk, giving you peace of mind.
We may screen for some of the following conditions in determining your pet's health status.

pet health

The top 4 reasons to monitor your pet's medication

  • Your pet deserves the best care. We monitor your pet's health to ensure greater success in treating a condition.
  • Monitoring your pet helps us prescribe the proper medication for your pet's age, size breed and physical condition.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers recommend monitoring. Monitoring schedules ensure safe medication administration, guiding us as we evaluate your pet for any side effects, potential complications and/or interactions with other drugs.
  • Monitoring helps us establish a baseline picture of your pet's vital organs, so we know when changes indicate areas of concern. This helps us evaluate the treatment plan and make adjustments as necessary.

We will test your pet's
blood, urine or both!

  • Before prescribing a medication to be sure organ function is normal and the prescription is right for your pet's age, breed, size and physical condition.
  • After we've begun treatment so we can monitor response and uncover any hidden reactions. Should a problem arise, we can alter the treatment plan immediately.
  • Periodically during treatment, as recommended by pharmaceutical manufactures, to make sure continued use of the medicine has not triggered any adverse reactions.
Prescription Medication Pets

“Let’s help your pet feel better by following the pharmaceutical manufacture’s guidelines.”


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